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>> union bank has put its financial strength to work for a wide range of companies, from small businesses to major corporations. what can we do for you? been>> and now "bbc world news." >> this is "bbc world news." a new strategy for afghanistan. president karzai calls for engagement and reconciliation with the talib. >> those who are not part of al qaeda for other terrorists >> unrepentant -- president obama delivers his first state of the union address. economy and jobs are his main focus. >> we don't quit. i don't quit. let us seize this moment to
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start anew, to carry the dream of forward and strengthen our union once more. >> hard to believe, 15 days after haiti's earthquake, a teenage girl is pulled alive from the rubble. a former press -- french prime minister of quitted of plotting to samir nicolas sarkozy when he was running for president. -- acquitted of plotting to samir nicolas sarkozy. it is 7:00 a.m. and washington, midday in london where world leaders are hammering out a new strategy for afghanistan. opening the conference bridge prime minister gordon brown says this was a decisive time. he said the transfer of the parties to afghans of some provinces should begin later this year. president karzai called on saudi arabia to be involved in the new peace process with the taliban. with more details from the conference - >> lancaster house, london,
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gordon brown and tom karzai, co- host, arrived together from downing street for the conference seen as a critical watershed for the future of afghanistan. the other host is don king moon, it you and secretary general. but much power lies with hillary clinton, secretary of state of america, sending thousands more troops of afghanistan to try to win the peace. once there, side conversations and exchanges on how to make it work. the lead up to the conference saw a stream of initiatives, sanctions dropped against some taliban leaders, debt relief for afghanistan of billions of dollars and others. for what has become a pressing global security challenge and a test of how to fix a failed state. >> by the middle of next year we have to turn the tide in the fight against the insurgency and also in our work to support
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afghan government in winning the trust of the people. so today, we affirm as an international community, that the increase in our military efforts must be matched with governance and economic development, a political and civilians surged to match and complement the current military surge. president karzai promised his government would play its part. it would fight corruption d much more. >> we will continue to reform our state institutions. we need to strengthen the leadership, management, and oversight capabilities of our civil service and our democratic institutions. we should streamlined and rationalize our rules, regulations, and procedures. >> afghanistan has had a bad year with record american troop losses, elections marred by fraud and corruption, and the taliban attack becoming frequent and brazing.
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this attack in the heart of kabul was just 10 days ago. it is hoped the conference will mark a turning point, with three define the goals enticing taliban fighters away from war, of ending corruption and creating good governance, and of afghanistan learning to take responsibility for its own future. >> what do we want? when do we want it? >> nobody expects peace over night but the small anti-war demonstration nearby underlines the pressure governments are facing to end as soon as possible to the afghan conflict. bbc news. >> we will be going live to the conference very shortly and speaking to nato secretary- general and plenty more on our website, we will look at the conference. covered widely by our correspondent in kabul and
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london. iran has executed two men who were detained during the protests that followed last year's disputed presidential elections. an official iranian news agency said the two were hanged after being convicted of trying to overthrow the government and other offenses. they were among a group of 11 people sentenced to death in connection with the post- election violence. lebanon's army says the black box flight recorders of the airplane that crashed on monday has been found by u.s. navy vessel. the ethiopian airlines flight went down shortly after taking off from beirut and a storm. -- in a storm. brazil's president let the silva canceled his trip to the world economic forum in davos after falling ill to high blood pressure -- lula da silva. his doctor says despite his hospital treatment is president is in a good state of mind.
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>> barack obama says getting america back to work as a top priority for 2010. in his first state of the union address he accepted that the recession meant many americans are hurting and his election pledge that change has come to america wasn't happening quickly enough. a washington correspondent listened to the speech. >> madam speaker, the president of the united states. >> the first african american receiving the fanfare of a state of the union night, a history maker but with a speech luted in the here and now. 50 million americans out of work, record budget deficit -- 15 million americans out of work. >> i have never been more hopeful about america's future that i am tonight. our union is strong. we do not give up. we did not quit. >> almost everything he said came back to the e economy. from credit to small businesses funded by loans repaid by wall
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street, to infrastructure and clean energy projects with the promise of new jobs. >> people are out of work. they are hurting. they need our help. that is why jobs must be our number one focus in 2010, and that is why i'm calling for a new jobs bill tonight. >> the president's signature initiative, universal health care, is now on life support in congress, lacking the votes. >> here is what i ask congress to do. don't walk away from reform. not now, not when we are so close. let us find a way to come together and finished the job for the american people. >> foreign-policy was almost a foot note, with renewed pledges to be out of iraq by the end of august and begin the withdrawal from afghanistan next year. and this morning to a nuclear hundred iran. them as iran's leaders continue to ignore their obligations there should be no doubt, they, too, will face growing
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consequences. that is a promise. >> but with midterm elections looming, this was a speech for america, a modest mea culpa for mistakes made. in our administration had political setbacks this year. some of them were deserved. we don't quit. i don't quit. let's seize this moment to start anew, to carry the dream of ford, and to strengthen our union once more. >> this was a -- i feel your pain moment. the agenda being stripped to the bare essentials -- the economy and jobs. bbc news, washington. >> let us take you straight to washington. we can join our correspondent adam brooks. morning after -- and a consensus on how he did? >> america is waking up to chew it over. i think there is a strong sense already that this was a speech in which is presidents up to his
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guns. there was not any sense that the obama agenda it was going to radically change or be dissipated or the political reverse is that the president's experience in the last few weeks have any way massively knock them off course. of course, he must persuade americans that jobs and the economy are his top priority. two-thirds of the speech was about that. but he also needed to recapture americans the marriage -- imagination a bit, recapture a bit of the old sparkle. we will see in the next day or two, it makes any difference in the polls. >> you think he was able to restore his image as an agent of change, the man who has come to washington to end the politics of division? >> he certainly was quite assertive on that score. he said to the republican members, if all you ever say is no, we edges not going to get anything done. and he challenged them to take a greater part in the legislative process to try to get some of these big keynote rerms he
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wants to pass act passed. i think it was a speech that made it clear he was very aware of that the changes promised has not yet materialized it for the average american in these awful economic circumstances and it was an attempt to try to renew a sense that that sort of change still possible. the republicans in the chamber certainly were skeptical. >> new strategy on health care reform. will that, as a surprise -- will that come as a surprise? >> we thought there would be more health care. it consumed politics in the last year and he almost referred to in passing. we are waiting to see if he can get this enormous health care passage done. achan, that could be a very significant boost to his presidency. if he can't, it could very well be disastrous for democrats later this year, it would make them look like an and effective presidency. so we really are waiting to see what happens with that.
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in his speech last night it was really quite a brief assertion by the president that he is going to keep going with it. we don't know in what form or how or when. >> adam, thanks for joining us from washington. market and financial analysis and 25 minutes. the latest business news. a day of numbers. we just had some results. >>ery good numbers. we know they would be good. a fourth quarter numbers -- let me give you fourth quarter, $860 million, earnings per share, 25 cents a share. if you take the year, 2009, they made about $2.7 billion for 2009 and that is quite significant because remember, they may losses for four years. it in terms of why this is happening, benefiting because of this uptake in car sales. programs like for example cash for clunkers helping that. at the same time, ford was very candid. it it went to the market before they saw the downturn and borrowed about $23 billion because they started -- decided
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to restructure. pre-market trade, shares up 3 1/2%. look out for a good opening. >> at toyota, things are getting worse. >> that had to recall millions of cars from north america and now it seems that extended it to europe but they did not say how many cars are likely to be recalled and then they announced a couple of hours ago that -- or a japanese news agency said the 75,000 vehicles have been recalled from the chinese market. the whole point is china is a very important market because it is a huge developing sector, of course, but it doesn't do any good for toyota's brand. the brand is safety and reliability. a safety issue is at the heart of the recall. it doesn't help the credit rating, either. remember, if they don't contain this problem is it becomes more expensive for them to actually borrowed. real implications there. >> julia, thank you. stay with us. coming up -- we will be light in
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paris for the very latest on the acquittal of former french prime minister on smear allegations. and details on this remarkable rescue. 15 days since this teenage girl became trapped under rubble after haiti's earthquake. the ousted president honduras manuela zelaya left the country after four months underseas at the brazilian embassy. he was driven to the airport and flown to the dominican republic just hours after his successor was sworn into office. mr. zelaya was removed from office in a coup last june. there is some flash photography. >> are arriving in exile in the dominican republic, the former honduran president manuel zelaya, after months of turmoil and a failed bid to be restored to office has now left his country for good.
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his supporters gathered on the streets of the honduran capital, but there was nothing like the scale of protests last summer after mr. zelaya was forced out at gunpoint in the middle of the night over a constitutional dispute. his political opponents said he was ousted because he was seeking%3
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